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Patient Stories

Kelsey May

Kelsey May and her newborn son were in a serious car accident. But thanks to the Virtua car seat technicians who properly installed the infant car seat, Kelsey and her baby were safe from harm.

Barry Giordano

Basketball official Barry Giordano had to call timeout on himself after knee pain prevented him from running up and down the court. Nearly 10 weeks following surgery at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute, he wasn’t just a spectator in the bleachers anymore. He was back in the game.

Dolores Byrnes

Dolores Byrnes didn’t think she would go on a safari trip to Africa because of the osteoarthritis in her knees. She decided to have both knees replaced at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute. She was able to go on her “adventure of a lifetime” after just seven months following her second knee surgery.


Megan was excited to be a new mom, but she struggled to adjust to the unpredictable nature of a newborn. In the following video, she shares her story so that other new moms can find support.

Charles Conroy

Charles’ knees were keeping him away from the things he loved - mainly fishing. The pain stopped him from catching 200-pound sharks he often pursued. Now he shares his story of triumph—getting back in the boat to reel in another big catch.

April Baker

April Baker used food to mask the pain she suffered from a spinal cord injury. She was going down an unhealthy path until she decided to go to Virtua’s Center for Weight Management. Through one-on-one counseling, she learned six important nutrition tips that helped her lose weight and keep it off.

Kevin Gannon

Following extensive online research, Kevin Gannon traveled all the way to South Jersey from Roanoke, VA, to have quad-sparing knee replacement surgery at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute. After going “the extra miles” to find relief, he says his knee is now pain free.

Stu Daniels

When Stu Daniels reached his tipping point at well over 300 pounds, he decided change was in order. Now, a lighter man, he shares his story about how losing weight saved his life in more ways than one.


As a new mother, Marilyn often felt alone. Her newborn seemed to make it impossible to make plans to do even the simplest things. In the following video, Marilyn shares her story of finding support to overcome the baby blues.

Vicky Olson

Nobody wants to be rushed to a hospital, especially during the Thanksgiving holiday. But Vicky Olson had no choice as a bacterial infection was causing her severe pain. She received excellent care at Virtua Berlin’s ER and a relaxing experience that left her and her family forever thankful.


Thirteen-year-old Samantha used to hate getting blood drawn to monitor her Cushing’s disease treatment. Then her mom found the pediatric blood draw program at Virtua Voorhees and Judy Topper. Watch Samantha’s story go from pain to happiness.

Judy Stokes

So often, stories of breast cancer survivors are told after a woman’s journey is complete. But Judy Stokes shared her story just days before a double mastectomy at Virtua, staring cancer in the face, and hopeful for a future free of the disease.

Galen Godbey, PhD

Galen Godbey, PhD, teaches his Management students to provide a “wow factor" for their customers. The professor now has a real-life example he can relay to his students following his “wow” experience at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute.


When Alex, age 2, needed medical attetion for a troubling cough and high fever, his parents took him to Virtua Memorial Pediatric Pavilion, which offers dedicated pediatric emergency services.

Mary Ann DeHaven

Mary Ann DeHaven pens a three-part letter, thanking the individuals at Virtua Voorhees Hospital for her successful hysterectomy and gall bladder surgeries, as well as the birth of her granddaughter - all three events taking place within four weeks.

Jillian Gresko

Jillian Gresko didn’t know what to expect from Virtua Voorhees Hospital when she went there to have her baby delivered. Afterwards, she compared her stay to a high-end hotel, where all her needs – and a healthy little girl – were met.

Mickie Shea

Virtua Fox Chase Cancer staff make a breast cancer patient's fears and trepidations turn into "peace and confidence" during seven weeks of radiation therapy.

Lisa Wick

When four-year-old Lisa Wick's oxygen level was low, she was rushed to Virtua Memorial's Pediatric Pavilion, where she received excellent care and had some fun during her visit.

Samuel Eley

Susan Eley had a normal pregnancy. But when it came time to deliver her son, Samuel, she developed a life-threatening condition. Doctors had to react quickly to save her and her baby.

Stella Sanderson

When little Stella's health took a turn for the worse, Virtua saved her life and soothed her family. A dramatic and uplifting story of a brave little girl and her experience in Virtua's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Gregory & Katrina Dodson

Gregory and Katrina Dodson were ecstatic with the compassionate care they received at Virtua Voorhees Hospital during the birth of their child. From check-in to discharge - and even during food service - they compared their experience to a stay at a hotel.

Ken Tuman

Ken Tuman, like many other married men, never made his own doctor appointments. So when the time came to schedule his own, he didn’t know where to turn. That’s when he saw the advertisement for Virtua’s Personal Health Navigation Service.

Alicia Graf

When Matt and Alicia Graf found out they were expecting, they never expected Alicia's life would be threatened. Thanks to the quick actions of Virtua's doctors and nurses, Alicia is here to share her story.

Eric Agren

Eric Agren’s head was spinning with details about how to prepare for his upcoming total joint replacement surgery. When the phone rang, and a Virtua patient navigator introduced herself and explained how she would guide him through the process, his anxiety immediately began to fade.

Luke Worrell

Luke Worrell was born at 24 weeks and weighed 1 pound, 8 ounces. Thanks to the care he received at Virtua Voorhees' NICU, he is now a happy, healthy 3-year-old boy.

Heidi Williams

Heidi Williams is happy that Virtua's therapists - as part of New Jersey's Early Intervention Program - are in her family's life. With their help, her son Jerome is doing things she never thought he'd do. Listen as Heidi shares her story.

Charlie Lindemoen

Charlie Lindemoen was born at 26 weeks and weighed 1 pound, 1 ounce. Charlie's mother, Jodi, believes the NICU staff saved Charlie’s life. After several weeks of being home, Charlie is doing well.

Linda Xerri

Cancer survivor Linda Xerri shares her story of diagnosis, treatment and beyond. Listen to her story of triumph over stage four ovarian cancer with the help of Randy Deger, MD, a Virtua board-certified gynecologic oncologist.

Joe McNamera

After a series of heart problems, Joe's cardiologist recommended that he go to Virtua's Health and Wellness Center in Washington Township for cardiac rehab. Thanks to Virtua, Joe's heart is strong and he is able to play the music he loves so dearly.