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Mary Ann DeHaven

I entered the hospital in Voorhees on Friday October 18 for a routine hysterectomy. Unfortunately, I did not write down the names of everyone I encountered on that day but everyone from the surgical staff to the nurses on the first floor were incredible individuals that I will never forget. I would also like to mention my surgeon Dr. Emily Ricci. Dr. Ricci was totally in tuned to what I needed as a person, not just a post-operative patient. She even called from her home that evening to talk to me.

After discharge on Saturday, I went home to heal. As the week went by I was feeling stronger and a lot more like myself. This brings me to the second part of this letter.

On Saturday October 26, I began to feel discomfort in the upper part of my abdomen. As the day went on, my pain increased. By 7 pm that evening, my husband brought me to the emergency room. After several tests and blood work, it was determined that I would need to have surgery to remove my gall bladder. I was admitted to the fourth floor Saturday evening. This is the main reason I am compelled to write this letter.

I was a patient on the fourth floor from October 26 to 31. Besides giving birth to my two children, I had only been in the hospital one time before, the previously stated week. I was apprehensive and afraid, really for the first time in my life. Things were out of my control. Now I would like to tell you about the people I encountered on this floor.

From David who was there when I was admitted to Rachel S. who was there when I was discharged, I cannot say enough about the fine individuals that I met during this five day stay. They indeed are Virtua at its very best. The list of people that I have the utmost respect and thanks for include: David, Rachel S., whom is training on the fourth floor and eventually going to the fifth floor; Brittany; and last but not least Courtney, whom without her the nights would have been intolerable.

I give much credit to Dawn Ober for the fine staff that she put together on this floor. They truly are examples of Virtua’s caring culture. Their care and concern for me will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I would like to mention Dr. Avi S. Galler, MD, and Pat Koper, APN-C, from the Virtua surgical group. Dr. Galler performed the surgery and was very encouraging to me in my post-operative state. I met Pat prior to the surgery and her post-op care of me was amazing.

Now for the third part of this letter.

On Saturday November 9, my daughter-in-law Amanda was admitted to the third floor to induce the labor for my first grandchild, which afforded me another night at the hospital. Although this is Amanda’s story to tell, I feel I must finish this saga by mentioning all the wonderful people that we met that Saturday night into Sunday afternoon including: Laura, who usually works in Labor and Delivery but was with Amanda during time of inducement; Amanda’s nurse Tracy, who helped Amanda to push, and Carmela S., who was the nurse anesthetist. We felt completely at ease and confident in her ability to give the greatest care to two very important people, my daughter in law and granddaughter. Carly Rose DeHaven came into our lives on Sunday, November 10 at 11:55am.

I would also like to tell you how much I appreciate the accommodations extended to my husband who was able to stay with me throughout my entire stay at the hospital. That was a very comforting feature that Virtua provided and aided my recovery process.

I know that the length of this letter is substantial, however, this is a shortened version and I could continue on with my extensive praise and gratitude for everyone that I came in contact with during those days in October and November. I am so proud of these people that came into my life during this very challenging time for me and my family. It is a great team of people working at Virtua, and it was very important to me to write this letter. The care and concern that these people showed me during my stay at our hospital will be something that I will never forget and I am forever grateful.