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Gregory & Katrina Dodson

As a couple of healthcare providers ourselves, we understand the importance of positive feedback in our professions. We wanted to express our gratitude and how impressed we were with our newborn son's care while at Virtua Voorhees the past few days.

From the check-in and up until discharge, we were received by smiling faces and compassionate care. Beginning with our L&D nurses (Laura, April, & Patty) and anesthesia staff (Dr. Lynch), my wife's labor was as comfortable as could be and every need was immediately taken care of (some even before we asked). Dr. Steighner was amazing in her interactions with my wife in that she was direct yet comforting from start to finish. There was no doubt she was in good hands.

Our two days in the mother/baby unit were equally impressive from our diligent and informative nurses (Mary Ann G, Joyce, Ryan), to our technicians (Theresa & Kristie) to our wonderful housekeeping staff (Diana & Rashawnda). They each wished us well, gave incredible advice, and treated us like we were the most important people in the hospital during each interaction.

Overall, the new hospital and protocols in place all proved to be developed with the patients' comfort in mind. Honestly it seemed more like we were in a hotel than a hospital. My wife was able to order food (which was delivered almost immediately) at any time of the day, the accomodations were clean and quiet, and the internet access was flawless. There is no doubt we will be recommending Virtua to family and friends in the future.

Thank you to all.