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Lisa Wick

During the spring when allergens are at their highest, it’s typical for Lisa Wick, age 4, to experience a little congestion and minor wheezing.

So when Lisa came home from school a bit congested, her mom didn’t think much of it. “Typically, it just clears up on its own,” says Elizabeth Wick, Lisa’s mom.

But when Lisa woke up the next morning lethargic, out of breath and wheezing, Elizabeth knew something was wrong. Elizabeth took Lisa to the clinic located at the McGuire Air Force Base where they discovered her oxygen level was low.

Elizabeth immediately took her daughter to Virtua Memorial as recommended by the clinic doctor.

When they arrived at the hospital, Elizabeth took Lisa to the emergency room. “I didn’t realize that Virtua Memorial offers emergency services especially for kids,” says Elizabeth. “I was pleasantly surprised.”

Virtua Memorial opened its brand new Pediatric Pavilion in April of 2013, right before Lisa’s first visit. Lisa ended up staying for three days in the Pediatric Pavilion, which houses both emergency and inpatient services for children in partnership with the Children’s’ Hospital of Philadelphia.

At the Pediatric Pavilion, Lisa had everything she needed: “Lisa was taken care of by knowledgeable doctors and caring nurses,” says Elizabeth. “Lisa was very comfortable in her private room and enjoyed playing in the media room.”

Visit the Virtua Memorial Pediatric Pavilion online for more information.