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Information Technology

Mobile Patient Information System Software is FREE for all active members of Virtua's medical staffs.

Mercury MData accessed on PDAPhysicians can access lab results, diagnostic reports and medication lists from Virtua's hospital information system via a handheld device, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA). Virtua will provide Mercury MData software that allows physicians to have secure access to patient information on a PDA. To view the latest results, physicians simply "synch" their PDAs at one of the stations throughout the hospitals.

NEW! Access via the Internet

This software can be also installed on a SmartPhone (combination of phone, PDA, e-mail and Internet access) which enables access to real-time patient data at any time, any place through Internet connectivity. Whether in the hospital or at home, this quickly gets up-to-date data to doctors so that patient-care decisions can be made.

How do I start?

Call the physician hotline at (856) 248-6446 or ext. 86446:

  • Set up an appointment for an IS rep to load the software and provide individual training.
  • Obtain the PDA or SmartPhone hardware specifications (PDF).