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Restoring Blood Flow

Your heart requires a steady supply of blood through the arteries. If a coronary artery becomes narrow or blocked, a procedure called an angioplasty can reopen it to restore the blood flow. Our cardiac specialists perform these procedures Virtua Marlton Hospital and Virtua Memorial Hospital as part of our commitment to heart health in South Jersey.   

We perform angioplasties in our state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization labs – also called “cath labs.” Our cath labs are equipped with all-digital cardiovascular imaging systems that allow our interventional cardiologists to “see” tiny blood vessels when diagnosing and treating heart problems. The resources we devote to angioplasty represent just one part of our heart services. Virtua paramedics have access to technology that allows them to measure your heart’s function and send the results from the ambulance to a physician in the hospital before you arrive. 

At both Virtua Memorial Hospital and Virtua Marlton Hospital, we perform angioplasties on an emergency basis. If you have a heart attack, you might need an emergency angioplasty to open a blocked artery. At Virtua Marlton, we also perform elective angioplasties. These may be an option if you have a narrowed coronary artery, but the situation isn’t life-threatening. We also provide an accredited cardiac rehabilitation program to help you get back to your normal life after a heart problem. 

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