Lisa Farmer, weight-loss surgery success story ā€“ Virtua Bariatric Surgery

ā€œI have more energy and confidence and best of all, Iā€™m healthy.ā€  

— Lisa Farmer, Virtua weight-loss superstar

Bariatric surgery is a proven solution for life-long weight loss and can resolve health risks such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Bariatric Surgery Success Stories

Virtua has helped thousands of people reclaim their lives with bariatric surgery. Explore the success stories of a few of our weight-loss surgery superstars.
Lisa Farmer Success Story-Bariatric Surgery - Virtua Testimonial

Lisa Discovers a New Passion After Bariatric Surgery 

After bariatric surgery, Lisa Farmer lost 130 pounds, eliminated her high blood pressure and crossed the finish line of her first 5K. She's hoping to inspire others to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Lisa's Story
Bariatric Surgery South Jersey - Virtua

Jennifer Kicks Butt at Karate After Weight Loss Surgery 

Jennifer Geiger's life and health changed dramatically after undergoing weight loss surgery at Virtua. Her story aired on 6ABC in its Fitness Fridays segment.

Jennifer's Story
Weight-loss surgery opened the door to a healthier life for Jennifer.

After Bariatric Surgery, Jennifer Doesn't Diet. She Lives.

Jennifer battled obesity her entire life. But, wanting to be good example to her 3 young daughters, she her found motivation to lose weight with bariatric surgery.

Jennifer's Story
Barbara's greatest success from bariatric surgery? Getting rid of insulin injections and diabetes.

With Bariatric Surgery, Barbara Lost Weight, Daily Insulin & Diabetes

Barbara needed help in her weight-loss battle and wanted to get off daily insulin injections. She traveled from Baltimore for an expert solution at Virtua.

Barbara's Story
Richard Fowler Success Story--Bariatric Surgery

Richard Hits the Slopes After Life-Changing Weight Loss 

Richard Fowler skied for the first time in 28 years, which never would've been possible when he weighed 370 pounds and was battling health issues. Read on.

Richard's Story
Bariatric Surgery Opens Door to Family Adventures for Shukonda

Shukonda Seizes Life and Adventure after Bariatric Surgery

Excess weight kept Shukonda from enjoying an active life with her son, and it threatened her health. Bariatric surgery at Virtua was the solution that gave her back both.

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