Cancer Support Services

Cancer Support Services at Virtua

Supporting You in Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Penn Medicine | Virtua Cancer Program offers a variety of services to care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs throughout cancer treatment and beyond. Programs range from helping you manage the side effects of cancer treatment to supporting you and your loved ones through the emotional toll of cancer.

  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
    Virtua provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, lymphedema therapy, pelvic therapy, and speech language pathology to help lessen the side effects of cancer treatment. Services are tailored to your individual needs and diagnosis. 

  • Female Pelvic Medicine
    Pelvic floor disorders are common in women with some cancers. Our female pelvic medicine team offers comprehensive treatments to relieve symptoms and improve your quality of life.

  • Sexual Wellness and Pelvic Health 
    Intimacy with a partner can help you feel loved and supported during your cancer diagnosis and treatment. But cancer treatment can cause physical changes that may make sex painful, alter your body image and affect your emotions. Our experts provide specialized care for your physical and emotional health and help restore your sexual well-being. 

  • Nutritional Counseling
    Cancer treatment can affect your appetite, but getting proper nutrients will help you maintain your weight, fight the disease, and recover sooner. A Virtua registered dietitian will work with your food preferences and health needs to assist you in creating an optimal eating plan.

  • Social Work and Counseling
    Virtua’s clinical oncology social workers and counselors can help guide you through the emotional and practical needs that cancer presents. You may opt to have one-on-one counseling with an oncology social worker or participate in sessions with a spiritual counselor. You can also access palliative care services, art therapy, or support groups. Because we know cancer can also be difficult for your loved ones, family counseling is also available.

  • Genetic Counseling
    Knowing if you are at a higher genetic risk for certain types of cancers can help you make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

  • Support Groups
    A variety of support groups is available for those undergoing cancer treatment, as well as for cancer survivors. Our support groups are led by social workers, spiritual counselors, and other professionals.

  • LifeCare Symptom Management
    People undergoing cancer treatment may experience symptoms such as pain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Our LifeCare program with Samaritan Healthcare offers support to help manage symptoms and improve quality of life, both during and after treatment.

  • Home Health Care 
    Virtua Home Health Care provides patients of all ages with in-home nursing; physical, occupational, or speech therapy; nutritional support; and social work services to aid recovery.

  • Micropigmentation (nipple tattooing)
    After breast reconstructive surgery, many women choose to have nipple reconstruction. A popular option is micropigmentation or nipple tattooing, for realistic, non-surgical nipple creation. This service is offered by board-certified micropigmentation specialists at the Penn Medicine | Virtua Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery office.

  • Breast prosthetics
    Some women choose to wear breast prosthetics, or breast forms, after a mastectomy. Your Virtua nurse navigator can connect you with a prosthetic specialist who will fit you with comfortable, real-looking breast forms to allow you to look like yourself in any type of clothing. 

  • Wigs, Scarves, Hats to Help with Hair Loss
    The RCCA Hair Boutique at the Virtua Samson Cancer Center in Moorestown offers a safe, private haven exclusively for Virtua patients experiencing hair loss related to cancer treatment. The Boutique offers wigs and scarves, free of charge for Virtua patients. Contact your nurse navigator or oncology social worker for more information, or call 856-206-4744.

  • Camp Oasis
    Camp Oasis is a one-day getaway offered twice a year for local children who have a parent or loved one battling cancer. Children and teens experience a day full of fun and support while building connections with other kids who share unique worries and concerns. Virtua also offers three “mini” camps to allow campers to stay connected and receive counseling and support.

Your Personal Care Journey Handbook

A diagnosis of cancer can be a frightening experience for any individual, and for their loved ones. Our Cancer Handbook and Breast Cancer Handbook are designed to inform you and help you keep all of your cancer care information organized. These guides can help you with your questions and decisions in the days ahead.

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