Penn Medicine | Virtua Health Proton Therapy Center

Penn Medicine | Virtua Health Proton Therapy Center

A new era in cancer care opens in 2023.

Penn Medicine and Virtua Health are partnering to create South Jersey’s first Proton Therapy Center, launching a new era in cancer-care for our region. Proton therapy is an advanced type of radiation treatment that can precisely target certain cancers, offering new hope for recovery, survival, and improved quality of life.

Opening in the spring of 2023, the Penn Medicine | Virtua Health Proton Therapy Center will enable South Jersey residents to receive this leading-edge therapy close to home.

Special Delivery: Watch a major construction milestone below.

The future is on the rise.

Now rising on the Virtua Voorhees campus, the two-story, dedicated Proton Therapy Center is an expansion of the Penn Medicine | Virtua Health Cancer Program, which offers South Jersey residents the combined strength of two health care leaders and the most advanced cancer treatment options. (Construction photo: September 2021)

As a global leader in proton therapy, Penn Medicine has treated more than 6,000 patients since opening the Roberts Proton Therapy Center in 2010 and trained more than 500 medical professionals from across the world. 

Special Delivery: 90-ton machine at the heart of the Proton Therapy Center


In a key construction milestone, Virtua and Penn Medicine recently celebrated the arrival of the proton facility’s centerpiece: a massive machine called a cyclotron. This revolutionary device accelerates sub-atomic particles to hit and destroy cancer.

Shipped from Germany, the cyclotron was lifted into place by an immense crane, and will undergo months of calibration to ensure pinpoint accuracy of the therapy. Learn more about the cyclotron here.

About Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is a painless, noninvasive treatment that uses a beam of high-energy protons to destroy cancer cells. Doctors can finely control the beam, so it precisely targets the cancer and then stops, preventing radiation from moving through healthy tissue and surrounding organs.

Proton therapy is used to treat patients with cancer tumors located near highly sensitive areas or tumors that cannot be completely removed by surgery. Cancer types that may be treated with proton therapy include:

•  Brain 

•  Breast

•  Gastrointestinal (anal, colon, esophageal, liver, pancreatic, rectal)

•  Gynecologic (cervical)

•  Head and Neck

•  Kidney

•  Lung

•  Lymphoma

•  Mesothelioma

•  Oropharyngeal (throat)

•  Prostate

•  Sarcomas

•  Spine

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