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Let's All #MASKUP

The science says it all. Masks work and they’ve helped slow the spread of COVID-19. Let’s #MaskUp and save lives together. Learn more at

Let's get back to good health, together


Your health has never been more important. If you’ve put off a screening, a routine check-up or something more involved like surgery, now is the time to get in touch with Virtua Health.

With our enhanced safety, cleaning and physical distancing protocols, contactless check-ins, and online telehealth visits, you can be confident you’re safe while you get the care you need.

Find care at one of our more than 280 convenient locations in South Jersey.

Returning to care

Virtua Health President and CEO Dennis Pullin and the Virtua Leadership team thank the community for support during a challenging period. They also explain the new procedures and precautions in place as you reschedule necessary health care appointments and procedures. We look forward to welcoming you back and caring for your health needs as we reopen our practices. 

Virtua physicians urge you not to delay care

Emergency medicine physicians at Virtua urge you not to delay care due to coronavirus concerns. In this brief message, they address the importance of seeking immediate care when needed, and explain important precautions our Emergency Departments continue to take to ensure your safety.

Virtua health cares for moms and babies

Nicole Lamborne, MD, director of women’s health services for Virtua Health, explains how Virtua is protecting mothers-to-be, and babies, amidst concerns about COVID-19.

This is how staying at home and social distancing will flatten the curve

Without a vaccine or proven viral therapeutics, Dr. Tarun Kapoor explains why social distancing is the most effective way for us to slow the spread of COVID-19 and ensure we can provide appropriate care to all who need it.

Don't ignore your heart

While we are all practicing social distancing, Virtua Health cardiologist Dr. Robert Barrucco, reminds you to not to ignore other health issues such as heart attack symptoms.

What to do about non-COVID-19 health concerns

Dr. Sam Weiner, primary care physician and medical director of Virtua Health, gives advice on how to best utilize your primary care during the coronavirus outbreak.

Virtua Health leadership discusses Coronavirus

Virtua Health President and CEO Dennis Pullin addresses the uncertainties we are all experiencing, while underscoring how Virtua Health is truly Here for Good in these difficult times.

Another way to help

Sarah Fawcett-Lee, Virtua’s Chief Philanthropy Officer, explains our Coronavirus Emergency Fund, established to help support the important work we’re doing to meet the growing needs of our community.


Learn more about how you can help. 

Articles and advice


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Dennis Pullin, president and CEO, Virtua Health

Taking My Shot at Building Trust for the Vaccine

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How to Tell the Difference Between Cold, Flu, and COVID-19

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Dean Eson Feels Lucky to be Alive After Brushing Off Subtle Heart Attack Symptoms

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