Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Mobile Intensive Care Unit - Virtua Service

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If you find yourself in a potentially life-threatening emergency situation, Virtua’s Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU) are ready to respond to your immediate needs. Virtua paramedics, who staff these units, will assess your situation, begin any necessary treatments to help stabilize your condition, and apprise the emergency staff at the hospital of your case. It’s this kind of exceptional teamwork that ensures you arrive at the hospital safely and experience a seamless level of quality care.

Equipped with 11 advanced life support units and staffed by more than 165 full- and part-time paramedics, Virtua’s dedicated MICU responders also work alongside other community ambulances and rescue teams whenever they’re called upon to provide quality pre-hospital life support.

Innovative Technology
Virtua's EMS team uses innovative life-saving technology that provides predictive analytics to identify and assign the fastest EMS resource using actual location and actual recommended route between a real-time MICU and the incident.  This technology allows Virtua EMS to provide the most efficient level of service for the communities Virtua serves. Learn more.

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