Paramedic Education Simulation Lab

Medical simulation is crucial for paramedic students to hone skills, improve critical thinking and speed decision-making. The better the simulation, the better the training. At the Virtua Paramedic Science Program at RCBC, students learn in responsive environments that look and feel just like real emergency calls. Our professional educators bring years of experience to guide students in becoming confident and competent paramedics.

Ambulance-ride simulation

A fully equipped ambulance mounted on pneumatics is a centerpiece of our simulation lab. The ambulance mimics the bumps, rocking and bouncing of road travel, so students can refine challenging, life-saving skills while in a moving vehicle.  

Life-like simulation mannequins

Students have ample opportunities to practice skills both independently and with the support of our experienced staff. Responsive, life-sized simulation mannequins are programmed for realistic symptoms of heart attack, stroke, allergic reactions and more.

True-to-life emergency call settings

Emergency calls don’t usually happen in perfect settings. Paramedics find patients in their beds, bathrooms and in many different places without adequate lighting. That’s why we provide four full-scale living spaces for skills-based learning. We feature a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom, fully furnished and with adjustable lighting.
paramedic training

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