Kidney Dialysis

Kidney Dialysis, Virtua Health, NJ

Lifesaving Treatment for End-Stage Kidney Disease

Dialysis is a lifesaving treatment used to remove water and waste from the blood when your kidneys stop functioning properly.

Virtua nephrologists work closely with dialysis centers across South Jersey to coordinate your care, including listing for a kidney transplant.

Types of dialysis include:

  • Hemodialysis: The most common form of dialysis, which requires patients to report to a dialysis center three times a week. Each treatment lasts for about four hours.
  • At-home hemodialysis: Allows patients to perform dialysis at home, conducting treatment with a home dialysis machine with the help of a trained assistant. This allows for a more flexible schedule and saves travel time to and from a dialysis center.
  • Peritoneal dialysis: A cleansing fluid is circulated through a catheter placed inside your abdomen. The fluid absorbs waste products from the blood vessels in your abdominal lining and that fluid is then drawn out of the body.

The Virtua team performs procedures to prepare you for dialysis, including vascular mapping and catheter placement to provide access to your circulatory system.

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