Burlington County COVID-19 Vaccine Mega-Site

Moving Forward, Together. 

By choosing to get vaccinated, you're not only protecting yourself, but the community around you.

The Burlington County COVID-19 Vaccine Mega-Site has discontinued operations after achieving its goal of making the vaccine available to large numbers of people. Now that focus shifts to the local level. Fortunately, vaccines are widely available throughout the community. You can find the closest location near you here.



The vaccines are safe, effective, and our best shot at saving lives. That’s why we’re teaming up with health systems across the country to spread the word.

Vaccine Facts - COVID-19

Get the Facts:

To find out more about available COVID-19 Vaccines, check out our Vaccine Facts page.

Recover from Long-Haul COVID-19 Symptoms

If you're still experiencing lingering COVID-19 symptoms, our Care After COVID program is designed to get you back to good health again. Connect with a personal health navigator today.

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