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Military Affairs

Virtua Health’s Military Affairs Department offers personalized health services to meet the unique needs of our active military-duty service members, as well as veterans and their families. Our navigators connect you with high-quality local providers to get you treated quickly and efficiently.

Active-duty service members are our special focus, with needs we consider “mission crucial.” We understand that certain conditions requiring testing and approvals can impact whether you may be deployed. We help with streamlining processes, fast-tracking authorizations, and obtaining same-day appointments when necessary.

Our navigators have long-standing ties with Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and understand the needs and concerns of those they serve. They will assist you:

  • Locate and secure appointments and referral services, including for specialist care
  • Streamline access to care
  • Obtain appropriate health insurance approvals and pre-authorizations
  • Coordinate care and medical records with the base utilization manager, Tricare, and your primary care physician
  • Secure prescriptions and renewals
  • Obtain behavioral health services
  • Arrange transportation
  • Access medical records and ensure they are received by providers
  • Secure proper Line of Duties
  • Resolve medical billing issues
  • Offer a secure online patient portal to access records and reports from any location, at any time
  • Arrange vaccinations and disease screening
  • Screen U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs disability claims

Thank you for your service


Virtua Health Military Affairs is here to ensure you and your family receive the outstanding care you deserve.

Call 888-847-8823 to speak with one of our navigators.

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