Kidney Transplant Evaluation

Kidney Transplant Evaluation at Virtua Health

Patients whose kidneys function at 20 percent or less or who are on dialysis are candidates for kidney transplant evaluation.

What to Expect

Appointments can last three to four hours, so you're encouraged to bring a loved one or other support person. 

You'll meet with a nurse coordinator, social worker, and either a transplant surgeon or transplant nephrologist. Other members of your transplant team will include a dietitian, pharmacist, and financial coordinator. Your physician will perform a physical exam, talk with you about all aspects of kidney transplant surgery and guide you through the process of waiting for a new organ.

You can expect to undergo:

  • Blood tests to confirm your blood type and look for any viruses or diseases.
  • An electrocardiogram (EKG) and echocardiogram to test your heart health. You also may need a stress test and cardiac catheterization.
  • A chest X-ray to check your lung health.
  • For women, a gynecologic exam and Pap smear. Women age 40 and older will also need a mammogram if they didn't have one in the past year.
  • For men older than age 40, a PSA blood test if they haven't had one recently.
  • A colonoscopy, based on your age and family medical history.
  • Additional testing may be ordered depending on your results.

Patients who are already listed for transplant at another hospital must still be evaluated at Virtua.

Living Kidney Donors

Potential kidney donors may be evaluated at the same time as the recipient or during a separate visit.

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