Care after Kidney Transplant Surgery

After Transplant, You Become a Member of the Virtua Family

Your care at Virtua Health doesn't end once you've received a kidney transplant. You're now a member of the Virtua family for life.Sisters Nicole and Krystal Valianti

Your personal care team will change slightly to include post-transplant nurse coordinators. The post-transplant team will meet with you in the hospital to talk about:

  • Taking your daily organ anti-rejection medication, as well as any other prescribed medicines. 
  • Managing pain and fatigue. 
  • The importance of staying hydrated and following activity restrictions. Generally, you can resume most activities within six to 12 weeks after surgery, but may need six months before returning to work and other normal activities. 
  • Continuing care with your primary care physician and other specialists.

Below is the schedule for follow-up appointments with the Virtua transplant team:

  • Twice weekly in the first month
  • Weekly in the second month
  • Every other week in the third month
  • At the fourth month

For the rest of the first year, monthly visits will alternate between your kidney specialist and the transplant team, although you may need more frequent checkups, depending on your health. You will undergo blood tests at each visit and review your medications.

Your nurse coordinator will outline your treatment plan after the first year. 

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