Who's Who on Your Organ Transplant Team

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Your Virtua Transplantation Care Team

Our team will support and guide you every step of  your transplant journey, with each person playing an active role in your care. The transplantation team includes these professionals:

Transplant coordinators are your main link to the transplant team during your journey. Coordinators facilitate all aspects of the transplant process, including managing care, coordinating appointments, educating patients and families, and providing support.

Transplant physicians manage all non-surgical aspects of your medical care, including tests and medications. The transplant nephrologist (kidney specialist) or hepatologist (liver specialist) works closely with your transplant coordinator to direct your care before and after surgery.

Transplant surgeons perform the transplant surgery and work with the transplant physician to oversee your medical care during your hospital stay.

Nurse practitioners collaborate with the team in the evaluation, maintenance and education of patients before and after transplant surgery. The nurse practitioner functions as an extension of the physician’s role, assisting in medical evaluation and management of patients.

Social workers help you and your family understand and cope with issues connected with your illness and transplant. The transplant social worker meets with patients during the initial evaluation and is involved throughout the transplant process.

Pharmacists work with your doctors and nurses to ensure your medications are safe and effective.

Dietitians know what foods are right for you and can help plan your meals. The dietitian will complete an evaluation to assess your food intake, diet compliance and body mass index; and will personalize a plan of care in order to optimize your nutrition before and after transplant.

Financial coordinators verify insurance coverage prior to initial evaluation, review prescription coverage and available resources, collaborate with your medical insurer, and works with you and the transplant team to resolve any issues.

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