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Sexual Health and Wellness Resources

Healthy Relationships, Healthy Lives

Love and affection can play a crucial role in our overall well-being. Sexual health can have a positive affect on our quality of life by easing stress, boosting our mood, creating long-lasting relationships and much more.

Become informed about all the benefits of a healthy libido and what it takes to have a fulfilling sex life. Also, pay attention to factors that can impede your sexual health.

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Exuberan by Virtua Locations

Exuberan® by Virtua is a bio-identical hormone replacement therapy designed to replenish the testosterone and estrogen that both men and women progressively lose after they hit their mid-40s.

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Sexual Health and Wellness Resources

Sexual Health

Explore the benefits a healthy libido can have on your life. Sexual health can ease stress, boost your mood, create long-lasting relationships and much more.

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Female Pelvic Medicine

Female Pelvic Medicine Locations

Virtua Female Pelvic Medicine has three locations that offer progressive treatments for women affected by pelvic disorders, such as incontinence and overactive bladder.

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