Specialty Care

Specialty Care - Virtua

Comprehensive, Specialized Care

From advanced diagnostic testing, outpatient surgery, OB/GYN and more, Virtua's specialists provide the advanced care patients need, when and where they need it.

In addition to being outstanding clinicians, Virtua's specialists are skilled communicators, listening to patients and helping them to take an active role in their health care for the best possible outcomes.

Practices are conveniently located throughout the region, and offer many medical and surgical specialties.

Virtua Specialty Care

Breast Health: Women's Healthcare

Breast Health and Mammograms

Virtua provides the latest preventive, diagnostic and treatment options to maintain breast health and treat benign breast disease or breast cancer.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

Virtua provides a wide range of cardiovascular care including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation specialties, technology tools and resources.



Virtua's team of general dentists and dental specialists, along with postgraduate residents, provide individuals with routine and emergency dental care.

Virtua Diabetes & Nutrition Care in South Jersey

Diabetes Care

With proper diabetes self-management skills and help from Virtua’s certified diabetes educators, you can feel your best while lowering your health risks.

Female Pelvic Health in South Jersey

Female Pelvic Health

Pelvic pain and incontinence aren't something you need to just “put up with.” Find out how therapies can eliminate discomfort, inconvenience and embarrassment.



Virtua's board-certified gastroenterologists perform procedures such as colonoscopies, ultrasounds, endoscopies and biopsies to diagnose GI disorders.



Whether it’s an annual checkup or specific gynecology concern, we'll match you up with an OB/GYN with whom you’ll be comfortable sharing personal details.

gynecologic oncology small

Gynecologic Oncology

Virtua's gynecologic oncology surgeons specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of women who have cancer of the reproductive organs (uterus, cervix, ovaries).

High-Risk Pregnancy Care from Virtua Maternity

High-Risk Pregnancy Care

Virtua’s maternal-fetal medicine doctors care for pregnant women who are high risk because of chronic disease, multiples, being over age 35 at conception, or who have a family history of genetic disorders.

Integrative Medicine Services

Integrative & Acupuncture Medicine

Virtua Integrative & Acupuncture Medicine services provide a holistic approach to health. Find integrative medicine physicians & treatments.

Neurosciences - Virtua Service


Virtua's board-certified neurologists treat headaches, seizures, stroke, brain injury, Parkinson's disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis & other ailments.


Podiatry/Foot and Ankle Surgery

Virtua's board-certified podiatrists in South Jersey treat all types of foot and ankle issues from fallen arches to sprains and strains.

pulmonary medicine

Pulmonary Medicine

Our pulmonary medicine specialists create individualized treatment plans to treat pulmonary diseases and disorders, including pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, asthma and more.

Surgery at Virtua South Jersey Hospitals


We are a leader in surgery, providing expert surgeons in a range of specialties who perform minimally invasive surgeries and traditional procedures.

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