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Advanced Surgical Solutions

Virtua surgeons are well-trained in specialties such as cancer surgery and reconstruction, colorectal, bariatric, gynecologic, thoracic, orthopedic, spine and vascular surgery. In addition, Virtua has expertise in general surgery for elective and emergency surgeries that include gall bladder removal, appendectomies, hernia treatment, liver biopsies, as well as colon and spleen surgery.  

The combination of advanced surgical expertise, award-winning care and individualized attention sets Virtua apart. From your initial consultation, all the way through rehab, your Virtua team will be there to help you get back to your life.



surgery centers

Surgery Locations

Virtua and its physician partners operate convenient surgery locations, which perform same-day surgeries in modern facilities across New Jersey.

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Hospital Locations

Virtua's three hospitals in Marlton, Mount Holly and Voorhees provide patients with advanced care and compassionate clinicians and staff in comfortable healing settings.

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Virtua Medical Group
Virtua Surgery Locations

Virtua Surgical Group Locations

Virtua Surgical Group offers three surgical practices that provide a wide range of general and specialized surgical services.

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Pre-Registration Form

Virtua e-registration forms are secure and protected. The personal information you send to us through our web site will be kept confidential by encryption technology. Please have handy your insurance information, emergency contacts, surgeon name and date of surgery, date of pre-admission testing, if applicable, when completing the Surgery Pre-Registration Form.

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