Thoracic Surgery

thoracic surgery

Ease Recovery with Advanced Chest Surgery

Traditionally, surgeons often had to make a lengthy incision and spread the patient’s ribs in order to do procedures in the chest. Patients often had an uncomfortable, lengthy recovery afterward. Now, surgeons can often perform thoracic procedures through minimally invasive or robotic surgery using a few small incisions.

At Virtua, our board-certified thoracic surgeons specialize in treating problems within your chest, also called the thorax. These include lung conditions—including lung cancer and emphysema—as well as esophageal cancer, swallowing problems and tumors in the chest wall.

Our thoracic surgeons work in advanced operating suites with sophisticated surgical and imaging technologies and support from anesthesiologists and skilled surgical nurses.

To consult with a thoracic surgeon, call us at 1-888-VIRTUA-3.


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