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WomenHeart Support Group South Jersey - Virtua

WomenHeart Helps Women in the Fight Against Heart Disease

A support group provides women who have had a cardiac event to find the emotional strength required to move forward.

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Is it a Concussion? - Virtua

Is it a Concussion?

Eric Requa, DO, Virtua Sports Medicine, discusses concussions in sports and what you should do if you believe you or a loved one have a head injury.

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Cardiovascular Myths - Virtua

Cardiovascular Myths with Dr. Talya Spivack

Dr. Talya Spivack clears up some common myths regarding heart health and cardiovascular disease.

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The Stethoscope, a Powerful Medical Tool - Virtua

The Stethoscope: An Important Medical Tool

The stethoscope is one of the most common tools that a doctor has to monitor your health, but what is it and why is it so important?

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Why You Could Have Thyroid Disease and Not Know It

Why You Could Have Thyroid Disease and Not Know It

Symptoms of thyroid disorders — like memory lapses, sleep problems and weight gain — can appear like normal signs of aging. A simple blood test could reveal if you have one.

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What Are the Health and Environmental Benefits of Eating Green? - Virtua Article

Why Eating Green is Good for Your Health and the Earth

Eating green isn’t just about adding kale to your diet. It’s a lifestyle change committed to eating plant-based foods that are healthier for you and the environment.

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care for kids clone

How to Care for Your Kids (Without a Clone)

So how could I juggle nursing the new baby while entertaining and occupying my oldest? Since my health insurance doesn’t cover human cloning, I had to get creative.

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Meet Adam Hill, NP - Virtua

Meet Adam Hill, NP

Adam Hill is a Virtua nurse practitioner. He works closely with doctors to develop a care plan for patients in the hospital.

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Meet Mary-Elizabeth-Gaskill, NP - Virtua

Meet Mary-Elizabeth Gaskill, NP

Get to know Mary-Elizabeth Gaskill, a nurse practitioner at Virtua. She believes in working with her patients to develop the best care plan.

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Meet Dr. Eric Requa - Virtua

Meet Dr. Eric Requa

Get to know Eric Requa, DO, a Virtua sports medicine physician. Dr. Requa played sports his entire life and loves working with athletes.

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Meet Dodi Iannaco, NP - Virtua

Meet Dodi Iannaco, NP

Dodi Iannaco works at Virtua Urgent Care. She loves establishing a relationship with the patient to improve patient care.

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Meet Gracy Coutinho, NP - Virtua

Meet Gracy Coutinho, NP

Gracy Coutinho is a Virtua nurse practitioner. She believes that a healthy person is a happier person.

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Meet Katie Franklin, NP - Virtua

Meet Katie Franklin, NP

Katie Franklin is a nurse practitioner at Virtua. She believes in treating patients like they are family members.

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Meet Sandy Jakubowski, NP - Virtua

Meet Sandy Jakubowski, NP

Sandy Jakubowski is nurse practitioner at Virtua. She encourages her patients to lead a healthy lifestyle and take charge of their health.

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Meet Melissa Souza, NP - Virtua

Meet Melissa Souza, NP

Melissa Souza is a Virtua family nurse practitioner. She works with patients of all ages from babies to seniors citizens.

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