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Virtua Health Named a Top 40 Health Care Brand in the Country

May 15, 2024 - South Jersey Health System Rises in Ranking for Fourth Consecutive Year

May 15, 2024

Virtua Health, the “Here for Good” health system of southern New Jersey, ranked 39th in the annual Humanizing Brand Experience report issued by Monigle, one of the largest independent brand consultancies in the U.S. This year marks Virtua’s highest placement on the list, which is based on consumer opinion and engagement.

Virtua has risen in the rankings for four consecutive years. Virtua is the second highest ranked health system in New Jersey, and it is second highest in both the Philadelphia and New York markets. The full list – available here – includes 209 ranked health systems.

“Humanizing a brand is all about putting oneself in the consumer’s shoes and truly understanding their fears and hopes, their needs and expectations. It’s about demonstrating empathy and going beyond the transaction of a health care moment to create a more meaningful relationship,” said Chrisie Scott, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Virtua. “The research study Monigle conducts is the only one of its kind in the country that goes beyond behaviors and looks at what aspects of the brand attract consumers, helps them feel seen and valued, and instills loyalty and advocacy.”

Monigle’s proprietary framework establishes four “drivers” – sensorial, intellectual, emotional, and behavioral – that shape how people sense, think, feel, and act in response to a brand. Study participants are asked about their first-hand knowledge of health systems in their region and also weigh in on less tangible qualities like “buzz” and reputation.

“Virtua has been on a journey in recent years to be intentional in how we provide outstanding experiences for everybody, always,” said Scott. “Best-in-class care in the eyes of consumers requires that we celebrate each person as a unique individual and provide care that reflects that.”

Grant Mason, head of behavioral insights at Monigle, agrees. 

“This deep dive study highlighting consumer trends and shifting behaviors underscores certain fundamental truths about what people seek out in a health care partner,” he said. “The brands that soar are those that understand what consumers want and need and demonstrate a deep connection with their community and those they serve.”