Prepare for Surgery, Procedure or Stay

Preparing for surgery or a hospital stay can often be stressful, but Virtua's exceptional care team of physicians, nurses and staff members will help you feel comfortable and make your stay a pleasant experience.
It is important for you to make the right preparations for surgery and to take an active part in your recovery. Here are some important things you should do to prepare for your surgery or hospital stay:

  • Be sure you have the MyChart app downloaded to your personal device.
    When you are staying at any of our Virtua hospitals, the MyChart app is here to assist you. “Your Hospital Stay” is viewable when you are in the hospital and supports communication with your care team. Learn more here.

  • Voice your concerns
    Ask your doctors or nurses any questions about the surgery and what to expect.

  • Follow instructions
    You will receive instructions on what to do before and after surgery. Common instructions include a restrictive diet prior to the surgery and restricted movement following.

  • Don't smoke
    Smoking can hamper the body trying to recover after surgery. Instead, get lots of rest, fluids and nutritious foods.

  • Arrive on time
    Being punctual helps to expedite the admission process.

  • Plan ahead
    Arrange for transportation, especially if you are told you will not be able to drive.

  • Bring things to do
    Even though you will have internet, TV and telephones in your room, bring an mp3 player, magazines or a book to keep you occupied in the recovery room.
You may want to make a few simple changes around the house before surgery. This will help make life easier and safer after surgery. By planning ahead now, you'll have less to worry about during recovery.

Get Special Equipment
Special equipment may help you have a safer and easier recovery. If pre-operation information is offered, try learning what you can do to make your recovery safer. Some of the most helpful equipment includes:

  • An elevated toilet seat
  • A shower seat
  • Handrails and grab bars to help you steady yourself
  • A grasping device to pull on socks and shoes