Care Partners

Virtua Hospital Care Partners

Familiar faces help heal

Care Partners are family members or close friends hand-picked by patients to support them during their treatment. Hospital and long-term care patients who have the support of Care Partners may have fewer complications and less stress, according to the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care.

Patients are asked to select up to three Care Partners at registration or in the emergency room. They may be asked again while they are in the hospital or long term care facilities. The Care Partner is generally the caregiver at home.

Care Partners support patients by:

  • Communicating details that help physicians and nurses understand the patient’s needs
  • Acting as spokesperson for the family
  • Coordinating family visits to ensure adequate rest and recuperation
  • Reviewing and confirming the patient’s understanding of discharge/transfer instructions (including the scheduling of follow-up appointments and confirming medications to be taken at home)

Care Partners do not replace nursing care, but can help communicate patient needs to ensure comfort and adherence to doctor’s and nurse’s orders. Care Partners also learn how to care for their loved one after discharge.

Care Partners provide:

  • Emotional support, companionship, and activities such as quiet games or reading
  • Meal assistance, including menu selection and encouragement with eating
  • Information about the patient’s care at home, including treatments, wound care, exercise, diet, and medications
  • Safety measures, such as managing side rail position and using the nurse call bell as needed
  • Personal care to supplement bathing and hair care, if desired

For information, call:

  • Virtua Marlton
  • Virtua Mount Holly
  • Virtua Voorhees