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 Hip and Joint Replacement in South Jersey

Get Back in Stride

If you have difficulty walking, bending, or playing with the kids or grandkids without wincing in pain, you may need a hip replacement.

Our orthopedic surgeons can partially or completely replace the damaged bone within the hip joint with special metal or plastic materials. Our surgeons specialize in robot-assisted and minimally invasive procedures that reduce blood loss, post-operative pain and scarring, shorten your stay in the hospital, and speed healing. As many surgeries are performed in an outpatient setting, you are able to go home the same day or spend only one night in the hospital. Through our Rapid Recovery approach, you are out of bed walking within a few hours of your surgery.

Signs You May Need Surgery

Hip replacement may be an option when more conservative treatments, such as anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and a cane, walker, or other aid no longer help to alleviate the pain and improve your mobility. 

Other signs include: 

  • Persisting or recurring pain
  • Your hip aches during and after exercise
  • Your hip is stiff or swollen, especially after sitting for long periods
  • You feel pain in rainy weather
  • The pain prevents you from sleeping
  • You feel a decrease in hip motion or the degree to which you're able to bend
  • You have difficulty walking or climbing stairs
  • You feel a "grating" of your joint
  • You've had a previous injury to your hip

There is no “right” age to get a hip replacement. Today’s technologically advanced implants can last for decades, allowing younger individuals to get them without having to undergo a second hip replacement later in life.

Comprehensive Care, Here in South Jersey

You don’t have to wait to get back to an active, pain-free life. Virtua’s Joint Replacement Institute provides a comprehensive continuum of state-of-the-art surgical, nursing, and rehabilitative care that includes everything from a pre-surgery orientation class and pre-admission testing, to discharge planning and rehabilitation. 

Our team is dedicated to your recovery and return to functionality. The Virtua surgeon you choose is the surgeon who cares for you before, during, and after surgery. All care is overseen by a supportive staff of highly skilled professionals, including hospitalists, anesthesiologists, social workers, and case managers, as well as occupational and physical therapists.


Virtua Facilities & Medical Locations

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Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mt. Holly, NJ

Virtua Mount Holly Hospital

175 Madison Avenue
Mount Holly, NJ 08060

Phone: 609-914-6000


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