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Joe Forline Tees Off Again With Two Healthy New Hips

When hip troubles hindered Joe Forline’s activities, he knew he needed help. Virtua orthopedic surgeon Khoa Nguyen, DO, replaced both hips and got Joe back on the golf course.

man teeing off on the golf course
Updated June 20, 2021

Whether driving to the hoop or teeing off on the back nine, Joe Forline was always a pretty active guy. But when mobility began to hamper his game, Joe knew it was time to see a doctor.

“Most people have a lot of pain, but I wasn’t in pain. My case was funny. I couldn’t run the way I used to. I had trouble spreading my legs and bending. I couldn’t tie my shoes. I thought I needed physical therapy,” said Joe, of Moorestown, an executive with Public Service Electric & Gas. “I got an X-ray and they said I had no cartilage. They said if I wasn’t in pain now, I would be soon.”

Joe selected Virtua Orthopedics & Spine surgeon, Khoa Nguyen, DO, to perform his surgeries, which he had at Virtua Mount Holly Hospital. Joe had his right hip replaced in July 2020 and the left hip replaced in October 2020.

“I’m 58 and I figured I should get it done,” said Joe. “I thought I’d be able to golf and get back to playing basketball for a few more years.”

Dr. Nguyen made a four-inch incision through the front of the hip—avoiding the need to cut through muscle—and implanted a new ball and socket. A short time after surgery, Joe was met by a physical therapist and began walking around the recovery room. Feeling good, Joe was discharged the same day rather than spending the usual overnight in the hospital.

“The nurses, staff, and entire process at Virtua Mount Holly Hospital was awesome,” Joe recalled. “From pre-op through surgery, the cleanliness, customer focus, care, and professionalism was excellent. They respected my privacy, supported my needs, and just made me feel comfortable throughout, especially during the pandemic.”

Joe launched headlong into his recovery. Within a few days of the July surgery on his right hip, he was walking 20,000 steps a day. A week later, he was swinging a golf club in his backyard.

“Since I was walking about eight miles a day, I thought I could start golfing. I wanted to break the Guinness World Record for golf after surgery,” he said. “Eleven days after surgery, I golfed nine holes—no pain, no issues, other than still being a bad golfer. No one at the club could believe I had surgery until I showed them my scar.”

Joe and his wife, Beverly, hiked in the Poconos, played full rounds of golf and even rode on a wave runner, all without pain.

Joe had a similar positive experience with his left hip replacement in October. As in the summer, he was able to return to the golf course within a week of surgery—even shooting the best round of the year.

“When I first met Joseph, he was outgoing and very eager to get back to coaching and moving as he had when he was younger. Unfortunately, his arthritis had hindered his ability to perform some activities,” said Dr. Nguyen. “His surgeries went well and with no complications. He went home the same day after both hip replacements. And, he was golfing before the first week ended after both surgeries. He had physical therapy to help strengthen his legs and allow him to get back to his routine.”

Joe said he is pleased with the outcome of his surgeries, and would recommend Dr. Nguyen to others.

“When I met Dr. Nguyen, I liked his extensive education, the fact he did 150 hips a year, his use of the latest technology,” said Joe. “I also liked that he played and ran intramural basketball teams over the years, and told me I could play men’s basketball for another 20 years after my surgery. I hope I get the chance.”

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