Antoinette Living Pain-Free After Knee Arthritis Treatment

Four years ago, Antoinette Lloyd, PhD, began to notice swelling and pain in her knee. At times, her knee was so swollen that she was unable to wear jeans. 

When the discomfort became so severe that she had difficulty going up and down the stairs, couldn’t bend to the floor, and experienced trouble sleeping, Dr. Lloyd scheduled an appointment with Efrain Paz, DO, a board-certified Virtua orthopedic surgeon who is fellowship-trained in hip and knee replacement.

Dr. Lloyd learned that she had severe arthritis. She said Dr. Paz made her feel comfortable by thoroughly explaining her X-rays and treatment options. 

“As a doctor of clinical social work, I am a trained observer of human behavior and interactions,” said Dr. Lloyd, who is in private practice and lives in Willingboro. “It was clear by Dr. Paz’s actions that he was not only a healer, but also a teacher and an advocate.”

Journey to a Knee Replacement
With the support of Dr. Paz, Dr. Lloyd decided to start her treatment with a cortisone injection. Over the next few years, she tried another cortisone shot, physical therapy, and even a procedure to inject a gel-like substance into her knee joint. Unfortunately, none of those treatments provided lasting relief.

As Dr. Lloyd began to seriously consider a knee replacement, a relative recommended that she seek a second opinion. Dr. Lloyd said that the second opinion she received confirmed what she already knew: Dr. Paz was the right surgeon for her.

“I found the other physician to be very cold and quick,” said Dr. Lloyd. “When I told people that I might need surgery for knee arthritis, they said, ‘go here, here, or here,’ and I replied, ‘Dr. Paz, Dr. Paz, Dr. Paz.’”

‘A Healer in Every Way’
Dr. Lloyd decided to have Dr. Paz perform a total knee replacement at Virtua Willingboro Hospital in January 2020.

“We always discussed surgery as an option, even though we decided to try some other treatment first,” said Dr. Paz. “But, when it comes to surgery, she is the patient, and is the one who makes the decision.”

Dr. Paz said Dr. Lloyd’s surgery went smoothly and was followed by an overnight hospital stay, in-home physical therapy, and later, outpatient physical therapy.

Today, Dr. Lloyd’s knee is pain-free — and she is grateful that Dr. Paz was with her throughout her treatment journey. 

“I feel so great, it’s hard to believe it happened,” said Dr. Lloyd, 71. “Now, I can do steps, carry baskets of clothes, walk on my treadmill, and dance around the house. And I can wear jeans!”

“Dr. Lloyd is a wonderful patient who was a joy to treat, and I am glad we were able to achieve our goals of restoring function and relieving pain,” said Dr. Paz.

In addition to her excitement about her outstanding surgical results, Dr. Lloyd can’t say enough about her positive experience with Dr. Paz.

“Dr. Paz is always positive, takes his time, and makes you feel like a priority,” said Dr. Lloyd. “He is a healer in every way.”

Personalized Orthopedic Care
From pain management and physical therapy, to surgery and rehabilitation, Virtua Health can help you get back in the game. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons guide your care – from diagnosis to treatment, and beyond. Learn more about the Virtua orthopedics program or call 856-517-8812.

Updated February 8, 2021

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