Patient Testimonials

Virtua Joint Replacement Institute Patient Story - Busillo

Crossing the Bridge for Knee Replacement Surgery

Linda Busillo of South Philadelphia traveled to Virtua for successful quad-sparing knee replacement surgery.

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Knee Replacement - Virtua

Knee Replacement: Return to the Tennis Court

85-year-old tennis player gets back on the court to play the sport he loves following reconstructive knee surgery.

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Knee Replacement - Virtua Joint Replacement Institute

Knee Replacement: Regaining His Life Without the Pain

Raymond was nervous about his full knee replacement, but the VJRI staff and physicians eased his trepidation and got him back on his feet again ... pain free.

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Knee Millen

After Knee Replacement, Her Day Is Her Own

They ran, they biked, they hiked, but for four years what they did and where they went was dictated by how bad Pat’s knee hurt that day.

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JRI - Donna

Knee Replacement: Regaining Back Her Mobility

When conservative treatment had little effect on her unyielding knee pain, 56-year-old Donna decided to regain mobility with a total right knee replacement at Virtua.

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Knee Replacement: Back to Work and Play

When the arthritis pain got so bad that it limited her lifestyle, Sharon elected to have each of her knees replaced with Virtua’s minimally invasive, quad sparing technique.

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Hip Replacement Got Dan Lawson Back to the Ballroom - Virtua Testimonial

After Hip Replacement, Dan Lawson is Back to the Ballroom

When hip pain threatened to end ballroom dancing for Dan Lawson, he sought hip replacement from Dr. Gregory Klingenstein of the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute.

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Knee Replacement: Battling Years of Pain

After 8 years of living with knee pain, Joe, age 52, got used to not being able to do everyday things until he had surgery at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute.

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Joint Replacement - Virtua

After Knee Replacement, Ron is Back to Playing with His Grandkids

Ron is walking tall after having both knees replaced at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute. He felt so good that he wrote a letter about his experience.

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Episode 1 of Joint Replacement Institute Patient Jared Orth

Jared Orth Documentary Episode 1: Pre-Surgery

Follow Jared, a hip replacement patient, from his first appointment at Virtua Joint Replacement Institute to his completion of a sprint triathlon months later.

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Knee Replacement: Got Her Golf Game Back

Michelle had knee and hip pain that made it impossible to play golf. After surgery at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute, she got her life and golf game back.

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Knee Replacement: Back on the Court

Basketball official Barry Giordano spent a lot of nights running up and down the court with pain. After quad-sparing knee surgery, he was back on the court 10 weeks later.

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Knee Replacement: Not Ready to Slow Down

Charlie wasn’t ready to slow down at age 61. The pain from arthritis kept him from doing the things he loved until he received quad-sparing knee replacement.

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Hip Replacement: Feeling Young Again

David's hip pain was interfering with his construction job until he had hip surgery at the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute.

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