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A newborn has difficulty maintaining a normal body temperature at first and needs to be kept warm. For the first few days in the nursery, your baby will be swaddled in blankets. He or she may also wear a hat as the baby can lose a great deal of heat from the head.

After several days, your baby will have better control over body temperature.

  • Do not over-bundle your baby with clothing or blankets. Dress your baby as you would dress yourself.
  • The baby’s room should be kept at a temperature that’s comfortable for you. Avoid placing the baby in a draft.
  • When going outside, dress the baby appropriately for the weather. Cover your baby’s head for warmth as needed.
  • Protect all exposed areas from the sun.

Taking baby’s temperature

  • It’s recommended that you take your baby’s temperature “axillary,” or under the armpit.
  • A normal temperature is 97.6 to 99.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Take your baby’s temperature. If he or she feels warm to the touch or is unusually fussy, call your healthcare provider.
  • Digital or glass thermometers are recommended for taking your baby’s temperature. Ear thermometers are only recommended for older babies.
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