Pediatric Otolaryngology

pediatric otolaryngology

Easing Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders

Along with looking for ear, nose and throat issues, your Virtua doctor will evaluate your child to be sure there aren’t other issues such as allergies or improper nerve function causing your child’s problems.

If your child needs a surgical solution, our board-certified ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeons specialize in minimally invasive procedures like adenoid or tonsil removal, placement of ear tubes or repair of the eardrum, as well as endoscopic sinus surgery. ENT surgeons may also remove the parathyroid, pituitary or thyroid glands.

For kids who have difficulty with speech, language, or swallowing, Virtua Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation provides certified speech pathologists who can help evaluate your child's specific challenges, answer all your questions, and craft a comprehensive plan to address your child’s needs.

For infants and very young children who experience developmental delays due to hearing and speech difficulties, Virtua provides a coordinated team of specialists through our Early Intervention Program (EIP). Physical, speech and occupational therapists as well as social workers are available to help children from birth to 3 years to get back on track with an individual treatment plan.

For more information about Virtua's pediatric program,
call 1-888-VIRTUA-3 (1-888-847-8823).


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