Pediatric Pulmonology

pediatric pulmonology

Keeping the Airways Clear

If your child has asthma or other pulmonary conditions, simple coughs and wheezes may need additional attention from your family physician or pediatrician. However, your child may need to see a pulmonary medicine specialist if these symptoms interfere with your child’s ability to maintain sufficient oxygen levels—especially if your child experiences chest pain, shortness of breath or recurrent pneumonia, or if symptoms worsen while exercising.

Families in South Jersey can breathe easy knowing they have access to the superb care of Virtua’s board-certified pediatric pulmonologists—specialists trained to diagnose and treat infants, children and adolescents for a range of acute and chronic lung and airway disorders.

These specialists regularly consult with a broad team of expertsincluding allergists and immunologists, neonatologists and primary care providersto develop comprehensive, individualized treatment plans for your child’s unique needs. Our team may conduct tests, such as pulmonary function tests or bronchoscopies, to determine how well your child’s pulmonary system is working.

In addition, we have a pediatric sleep lab that offers a full range of tests, including sleep studies, where we can monitor breathing and oxygen levels overnight.

Call 1-888-VIRTUA-3 (1-888-847-8823) for help finding a Virtua pediatric pulmonologist.



Virtua Facilities & Medical Locations

Virtua Pediatric Sleep Center

200 Bowman Drive, Suite E-255
Voorhees, NJ 08043

Phone: 856-772-0348
Pediatric Pavilion

Virtua Memorial Pediatric Pavilion

175 Madison Avenue
Mount Holly, NJ 08060

Phone: 609-914-6000
Virtua Hospital in Voorhees, New Jersey

Virtua Voorhees Hospital

100 Bowman Drive
Voorhees, NJ 08043

Phone: 856-247-3000
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