Primary Care

Primary Care Personalized for You

Virtua primary care physicians act as your health coaches. They listen to your questions and concerns and help you make smart healthcare decisions about annual checkups and preventive services, as well as diet and exercise.

Virtua primary care doctors are by your side to help keep you—and your family—healthy throughout the stages of your life.

View Virtua's new primary care commercials to see other doctors sharing their personal experiences caring for patients.

Connecting You to the Services You Need

When you choose a Virtua primary care physician, you gain all the benefits of Virtua’s services including:

  • Access to hundreds of Virtua doctors in specialties including cardiology, endocrinology, obstetrics
    and gynecology, surgery, gastroenterology, integrative medicine and more

  • Referral to Virtua’s medically integrated fitness centers offering group classes, pools, personal training
    and medically supervised fitness programs

  • Comprehensive weight management options to help you make the positive lifestyle changes necessary
    to live your healthiest life

  • Access to a wide variety of classes and educational programs on topics such as fitness, nutrition,
    diabetes management and parenting

Learn more about our physicians and services through our doctor videos to see how Virtua primary care doctors work
with patients to improve and enhance their health.

Meet Our Primary Care Doctors

Virtua provides more than 100 primary care physicians, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants throughout 5 counties to help your family and you stay healthy. Please take a moment to get to know some of our primary care doctors as they provide a sneak peek into their patient care philosophies, personalities and more. Our video library is growing so make sure to come back to see our new additions.

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Electronic Medical Records

One Patient, One Chart

Each Virtua Medical Group patient has a single electronic patient chart, viewable by all of your Virtua doctors and care providers.

What does it mean for you?

A complete picture means better quality of care 
While your doctor is talking to you during an exam or on the phone, she has every detail of your medical history in front of her. That includes notes from other physician visits, radiology, labs, and EKGs. Her evaluation and decision-making is enhanced, right on the spot.

Better sharing of information is more efficient
Your doctor won’t have to re-order a test that has been recently completed—he can see everything ordered by any other Virtua physician, along with the results.

More efficiency means lower costs and more convenience
Less duplication of tests and office visits means fewer co-pays and less mileage to labs and doctor’s offices.

Personal Health Navigation

By calling 1-888-VIRTUA-3, or chatting online with a Virtua Personal Health Navigator, you’ll be guided to the exact care you need, when you need it. We help schedule your appointments and identify the Virtua services right for you. Your Virtua personal health navigator can help you with the following:

  • Schedule timely appointments with doctors or specialists who take your insurance
  • Coordinate lab or radiology tests with doctor appointments
  • Identify and explain available healthcare services
  • Register you or your family members for health education classes or support groups
  • Create and send you an appointment itinerary
  • Remind you of your appointments
Schedule an Annual Exam Today at Virtua with a Primary Care Doctor

Schedule an annual Exam Today

From routine examinations to managing chronic conditions, Virtua's primary care doctors help you and your family stay healthy through every stage of life.

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Holistic Primary Care

Internal Medicine & Senior Care

Women's Primary Care & Wellness Centers

Nermin Lazarus, DO, Virtua Primary Care Physician

"Everything that affects you as a person also affects your health."

— Nermin Lazarus, DO

A Virtua primary care physician doesn’t practice a specialty, per se, but is a specialist…in you. 

See Virtua's New Primary Care Commercials


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