Seniors' Health

Senior's Health

Help for Healthy Aging

Healthy aging requires nurturing of the body and mind. Exercise, nutrition and management of chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes help keep the body healthy.

Virtua helps seniors stay vital with expert, reliable healthcare services.

And, through Virtua’s VIP program, mature adults can stay active and healthy by participating in free screenings and seminars, as well as going on trips and attending events. 

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Virtua Primary Care Physicians & Doctors

Primary Care

Virtua primary care physicians build long-term relationships with you and your family to keep you healthy. Discover our personalized primary care services.

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Balance Testing and Care - Virtua

Balance Testing and Care

After your balance issue is diagnosed, Virtua Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation professionals work to create a plan to get you back in balance.

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SeniorWise Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric Care Management

Virtua SeniorWise geriatric care managers connect families near and far with services that make life easier for the seniors they care about most. 

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Home Caregivers - Virtua Service

Home Caregivers

Virtua Home Caregivers help families find peace of mind knowing that their loved ones can stay independent at home while receiving the best possible care.

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Home Health Care - Virtua Service

Home Health Care

Recovery may not end when you’re discharged from the hospital. Through Virtua Home Care, you can recover with your family in the comfort of your own home.

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Long Term Care & Rehabilitation

Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation

Virtua Rehabilitation Centers provide expert care in a compassionate environment for patients requiring nursing care, sub-acute medical care or in-patient rehabilitation.

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Post Acute Care

Post-Acute Care

To help you get well in comfort, we have many resources including Home Care, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, and sub-acute care.

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Classes & Events for Seniors

Through Virtua’s VIP program, mature adults can stay active and healthy by participating in free screenings and seminars, as well as going on trips and attending events.

View All VIP Classes, Events and Trips. 

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