Bariatric Surgery Diet and Nutrition

For optimal, yet healthy, weight loss with bariatric surgery, patients are expected to change the types of foods they eat, the amount they eat, and how they eat. Although specific nutrition and diet guidelines vary for each procedure and patient, these plans provide the general changes patients might expect before and after bariatric surgery.
Your Diet Before Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery

Your Diet Before Bariatric Surgery

It's important to follow your surgeon's pre-bariatric surgery diet and nutrition guidelines, which help prepare your body for surgery and improve results.

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Your Diet Right After Bariatric Surgery

Your Diet Right After Bariatric Surgery

You will follow a strict liquid diet in the days and weeks following bariatric surgery. This is what you should expect.

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Why Water, Fluids and Protein are Vital After Weight-Loss Surgery - Virtua Articles

Why Water, Fluids and Protein are Vital After Bariatric Surgery

Water and protein are a vital part of your diet and recovery after bariatric surgery. Discover the important roles they play in your bariatric recovery.

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Bariatric Diet Shopping Lists and Sample Menus

After weight-loss surgery, it will take time for your body to heal. As your body recovers from surgery, it’s essential for you to follow the specific eating guidelines given to you by your bariatric surgeon or dietitian. The bariatric diet for recovery is set to ensure that your body heals properly and obtains adequate nutrition. There are 4 levels of diet progression to follow that describe what you eat after bariatric surgery. The following will help you understand the levels and give you easy-to-follow shopping lists and menus so you're well-prepared for a new way of eating.

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