Back on the Court After Quad-Sparing Knee Replacement

 Back on the court after quad-sparing knee replacementBasketball official Barry Giordano spent a lot of nights running up and down the court while in pain. He loves officiating games and enjoys running alongside and keeping pace with the players. But eventually, he had to cut down his time on the court. 

The Trenton resident had been treated for chronic knee pain for years and was told he would need a knee replacement. The doctor he was seeing said he would be able to resume normal activity, but he might not be able to referee any more games.

“I went to a series of doctors, and they all said the same thing,” said Barry. “A friend referred me to Dr. Scott Schoifet, a Virtua Joint Replacement Institute orthopedic surgeon. I knew right away he would be the one to do my surgery. He explained that with quad-sparing knee replacement surgery, I would be able to resume normal activities in minimal time and be pain-free on the court.”

Barry went into surgery at 7 am and was up and walking within hours. He walked the Institute corridor within hours and was amazed at how good he felt. Barry continued therapy at home 3 days a week to increase his leg strength. And, 10 weeks to the day, he was back on the court officiating a game.

“I have recommended the Virtua Joint Replacement Institute to several people because of my experience. It might sound crazy, but I was looking forward to having my other knee replaced,” said Barry.

Barry had such a great experience at Virtua that he wanted to tell everyone so he agreed to be in Virtua’s television commercial.

“Everyone is so professional at the Institute from the maintenance staff to the doctors—they’re all the best.”

Today, Barry is back doing all the things he loves. He can walk, run and is back to the gym. His 3 children are so happy that their Dad is pain free and can get back to what he loves—being back on the court.

Updated May 10, 2017


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