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No matter your healthcare needs, Virtua is your lifelong place to be well, get well and stay well.

Penn Medicine and Virtua strategic alliance - Cancer and Neuroscience

Virtua and Penn Medicine Strategic Alliance

To live your best life, start with the best care. Penn Medicine and Virtua are coming together for cancer and neuroscience care in South Jersey.

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South Jersey Healthcare for Women, from Virtua

Virtua for Women

Virtua for Women is a health and wellness program exclusively for women to help them take care of themselves while caring for others so that they can live a healthier life.

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joint replacement

Joint Replacement Institute

The Virtua Joint Replacement Institute consists of national pioneers in minimally invasive joint replacement surgery. We can help you get back to doing the things you love.

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Weight Management Options at Virtua Health System

Weight Management

Virtua's weight management programs and services provides options to help you achieve your right weight and healthy lifestyle.

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Virtua Health System Maternity Care in South Jersey


We deliver more babies each year than any other healthcare provider in the region and are prepared to support new moms in whatever they need.

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Virtua Diabetes & Nutrition Care in South Jersey

Diabetes & Nutrition Care

With the right self-management along with help from Virtua’s nurses and dietitians, you can feel your best while lowering your health risks.

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Virtua Hospital Urgent Care in South Jersey

Urgent Care

Virtua Urgent Care physicians are available seven days a week at convenient hours to provide prompt, outstanding medical care for minor illnesses and injuries.

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your place for healing

South Jersey Healthcare from the Virtua Medical Group

Virtua Medical Group

Virtua Medical Group is a network of primary care and medical specialty physicians who deliver the highest quality care, following Virtua's rigorous standards.

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South Jersey Healthcare - Pediatrics


Learn more about our children's health services. Virtua's pediatric services are backed by our network of expert physicians, pediatricians, and specialists.

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Radiology Imaging at South Jersey Hospitals


Virtua provides powerful, state-of-the-art technology that's tailored to your specific imaging needs with our expert radiologists keeping you as safe as possible.

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Surgery at Virtua South Jersey Hospitals


We are a leader in surgery, providing expert surgeons in a range of specialties who perform minimally invasive surgeries and traditional procedures.

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South Jersey Hospitals Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment

At Virtua, cancer treatment plans are customized for the cancer type as well as for the individual patient. Visit a Virtua Cancer Treatment Center today.

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