The No Surprises Act

Virtua Health understands the importance of price transparency for our patients. We welcome the federal law that now requires us to provide you with a better understanding of your potential out of network financial responsibility and protects you from surprise billing.

On January 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act (NSA) went into effect as part of the “Consolidated Appropriations Act” of 2021. This law was designed to protect patients against unexpected bills. The law requires healthcare providers to provide good-faith cost estimates to uninsured and self-pay patients before services are rendered; prohibits out-of-network providers and healthcare facilities from “balance billing,” or billing the difference between allowed charges and provider charges without notice and consent; and clearly outlines the complaint and dispute resolution processes.

New Jersey law also protects you from being billed for inadvertent out-of-network services (services at an in-network facility provided by out-of-network providers) in an amount in excess of your in-network cost-sharing amount (i.e., the amount your deductible, copayments, or coinsurance would have been if the same services were provided on an in-network basis).

We are glad to assist if you need help understanding if/how these protections apply to you and your out-of-network plan. If you need assistance, please call 856-355-2000.

For more information on the No Surprises Act please see below: