Facial Oils: Pore Cleansing or Clogging?

Using oils to cleanse your skin may sound like an oxymoron, but actually, it makes a lot of sense. Oil gravitates to oil, so when you’re cleansing with it, you’re attracting the oil on your skin. Your face actually is getting cleaner than it would with a water-based cleanser because oil and water don’t mix.

“Oil is not the enemy. Having moisture in the skin is healthy,” says Sara Botta, aesthetician at Vir tú day spa. “In fact, some oils make great make-up removers and are very gentle on the eyes, too.”

Botta recommends this regimen:

  • Put a pea-sized amount of argan or jojoba oil in your hand
  • Massage it onto your face like any other cleanser. 
  • Rinse it off with water and repeat. The first rinse washes off the surface dirt, and the second one gets down into the pores for a deep cleanse.

Argan and jojoba are natural oils that don’t clog pores. They’re similar to the oils in your own skin, but your skin won’t absorb what it doesn’t need. “When you’re over age 30, skin tends to be drier. These oils will nourish the skin without stripping it like some harsh cleansers. It will feel velvety soft and hydrated but not greasy,” explains Botta.

There’s a reason that natural oils are all the rage. They’re inexpensive, they don’t have additives and fillers, and you know you’re getting a pure, clean product.

Of course it’s important to use the right oils. Don’t use petroleum-based or mineral oils because they aren’t pure and will clog your pores.

Ultimately, it comes down to changing your mindset: Oil is good for your face as long as you use the right product. It cleanses, keeps you looking youthful and gives you a healthy glow.

Updated June 18, 2018

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