inspiring confidence while building families

Inspiring Confidence While Building Families

Guilt, fear and grief are no match for the iron will of Dr. Ronald Librizzi, Virtua’s chief of maternal-fetal medicine and a renowned high-risk pregnancy physician. He is a tower of strength and hope for couples who face the tsunami of emotions following the loss of a child during pregnancy. Dr. Librizzi gently guides a couple through the storm – to once again move toward their goal – a healthy child.

Christine Messina Coley and her husband Travis can attest to Dr. Librizzi’s courageous clinical conviction. They tragically lost a child in utero and an infant at just five days old. Dr. Librizzi worked and worried for them until everything was done to help them bring home a healthy baby. About a year later, happiness was reborn into their lives with a new son, Augie.

Another Dr. Librizzi patient, Lisa Hurly and her husband Steve, also suffered the unthinkable – losing a son at five weeks old. When she became pregnant again Lisa says: “I developed a condition that could steal my child’s life and mine.” Dr. Librizzi delivered mother and child to safety – using the exemplary skills of his staff and colleagues. And, by never taking his own eyes off the case for a nanosecond.

Christine sums up her experience with Dr. Librizzi: “There were two umbilical cords in my pregnancy – one from me to my baby, and the other from Dr. Librizzi to me.”

Force of nature is what comes to mind when thinking about this physician.

Updated December 29, 2017