Knee Replacement: Regaining Back Her Mobility

Balancing full-time work and being an energetic mother of three daughters, Southampton resident Donna Lokan is always on the move. For Donna, keeping up with the pace of life isn’t exactly optional. When the simple act of walking became challenging, she realized it was serious. Donna knew that her life would have to change, if her debilitating knee pain did not.

Choosing to be proactive, she decided to try conservative methods of treatment. More than a year had passed and her mobility had still not improved. Her current orthopedist, Joseph Farrell, DO, told her that she was a candidate for a total knee replacement with Virtua.

Both delighted and nervous, she was ready for surgery. “I had to turn down any additional activities that I knew would bring more pain — at times the discomfort would wake me up. The pain and discomfort were unrelenting,” said Donna. Virtua orthopedic surgeon Rajesh K. Jain, MD, preemptively defused any fears or concerns Donna may have had about her knee replacement. “I went to see Dr. Jain with my comprehensive list of questions. In his presentation, he addressed all questions and concerns I had, without even knowing the list was in my purse,” she said.

Donna was reassured and elated by Virtua’s inclusive hospitality when she attended one of the classes/tours offered by Virtua. “I wanted to physically see for myself where it would all be happening,” she said. The nurse who ran the class was able to answer any questions she may have had; including ones she hadn’t thought of. According to Donna, these classes are “very informative” and “highly recommended.”

“I could not have asked for any better of an experience than I had,” she said. “Everyone who was involved in my care was great! I wish I would have taken names for the purpose of letting those people know what a fabulous job they did.”

She is amazed by how quickly time has gone by since her surgery. Having already completed the first of two knee replacements, Donna is well on her way to the freedom and independence that regained mobility will offer.

“I will be having the other knee replaced in the near future and have no concerns with knowing what to expect,” she said. “I will be returning to Virtua with the same surgeon and the same comprehensive/compassionate care I have already experienced.”

Donna has already recovered lost time with friends, family, and plans on traveling again soon. That is, of course, when she isn’t immersed in the aroma of testing out new recipes in her kitchen.

“I am looking forward to having TWO good knees, once I have the other one done,” she said. “And, so looking forward to getting back to all of the activities I enjoy.”

Updated September 22, 2016


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