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Losing the Baby Weight: The Key to Getting Back in Shape

My philosophy had always been: If it’s really important to you, you’ll find the time. I never thought I’d use time as an excuse not to exercise but there I was – 8 months post-partum and I hadn’t started exercising again.

Tired and completely lacking motivation, I picked myself up, stopped making excuses and started exercising. The first few weeks were pretty terrible. My body hated me, and I didn’t see instant results. In fact, I had no idea how to even get started.

My close friend and Virtua Fitness Specialist Nicole Wolf, CSCS, gave me some great advice.

“When it comes to achieving fitness goals and seeing results, it takes more than one week of workouts to notice a change. A combination of clean eating, strength training, daily exercise, drinking water and quality sleep is the magic bullet to fitness results. It’s also important to find some accountability! Establish a support system to make sure you have someone to help you on your journey.”

I knew I needed to find motivation so I joined a running group lead by Fitness 4 U, a group designed for moms who want to exercise while bonding with their children and other moms. I joined the running group to train for an 8K (5 mile) race. Although I had never run with a jogging stroller before and was completely out of shape, I knew it was a great idea.

Our incredible group of women trained together and gradually increased the distance of our runs. I grew more comfortable with the jogging stroller and actually began to enjoy my runs.

Together as a group, we ran The Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary race. Joining this group and running the race made me feel empowered to take on new challenges.

It was so fun to feel good about myself and my body, make new friends, and fit back into my old clothes (can I get an Amen?!). In fact, with a healthy diet and exercise, I lost 35 pounds!

If you having trouble finding motivation, here are some helpful tips:

  • Become the woman you want your child(ren) to aspire to be.
  • Set an example for your family and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Be more energized, happy, and willing to take on new challenges.

Updated June 6, 2016

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