Selfish Breastfeeding

The "Selfish" Side of Breastfeeding

Motherhood is a selfless act. So it’s no secret mothers tend to shove aside their own needs and focus on their children. But for once let’s concentrate on moms and discuss some “selfish” benefits of breastfeeding.

  1. Lose weight faster

    Good news for breastfeeding mothers, the average woman who exclusively breastfeeds needs an extra 300-500 calories per day (based on her pre-pregnancy weight). So enjoy those calories without any guilt.

  2. Save money

    On average, a family that opts for formula feeding will spend $2,500 on formula in a year. Breast milk is free. Think about all the different ways you could spend or save that amount—maybe put it toward extra snacks for yourself!

  3. Lighten your load

    Your baby-bag will certainly be easier to lug around if it isn’t full of formula. Breastfeeding is the easiest feeding method since you cannot misplace or forget to pack your breasts. Crisis averted.

  4. Decrease your chances of breast and ovarian cancer

    Most women have fewer menstrual cycles while breastfeeding, which lowers estrogen, which in turn can lower your cancer risk (especially if you breastfeed longer than one year).

  5. Discover your super power

    If you aren’t a mom, you might not realize that you have magic breasts. That’s right: whether it is teething, a missed nap, or just a bad mood, nothing can soothe a cranky baby quite like breastfeeding.

  6. Let someone else take on the chores

    Keep this one a secret, but breastfeeding can be an excuse to let someone else tackle those dishes. As a mother, there won’t be many opportunities for extended sits and quiet moments. Breastfeeding allows you to focus on nothing else but feeding you baby—after all, no one else can.

Joking aside, breastfeeding does benefit both mom and baby; that is what makes it such a positive experience. At the end of the day we all want the same thing: a happy and healthy baby. So why not reap some benefits for yourself in the process?

Updated December 19, 2017

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