Tips to Help You Cope With a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A diagnosis of cancer typically brings with it an array of emotions that can include fear, anger, sadness, depression, anxiety and others.  You may ask yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” or “Can this really be true?”  The following are some tips to help deal with the emotions you are experiencing.

  • Keep yourself informed.  Fear of the unknown can cause you needless worry and anxiety.
    • Write down your questions and concerns and share them with your care team.
    • Learn about your disease and treatment options.
    • Seek out reliable sources of information (not everything on the Internet is accurate). Ask your care team for help finding trustworthy resources.
  • Spend time with family and friends, and allow them to help you.
  • Get the support you need:
    • Talk with trusted family members and/or friends.
    • Participate in a support group.
    • Seek out a professional counselor if you feel that would be helpful.
  • Try to maintain balance in your life. As much as possible, stick to doing the things you typically do every day, this may help to relieve some of the negative feelings that come with a cancer diagnosis.
  • When you are feeling up to it, try and do some physical exercise. This may help relieve some of your symptoms. It is believed that with exercise, the body releases chemicals that affect mood, pain perception and feelings of fatigue.
Engage in activities that will help lift your spirits such as light, funny books and movies.

Updated December 29, 2017