7 Smartphone Apps to Help You Manage Diabetes

7 Smartphone Apps to Help You Manage Diabetes

7 Smartphone Apps to Help You Manage DiabetesA diabetes diagnosis can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the lifestyle changes and new responsibilities that are required to help you manage the disease.  However, if you’re equipped with a smartphone or tablet, there are fantastic apps for iOS and Android that are designed to help make managing diabetes a little easier.

Managing Your Blood Glucose

Glucose Buddy (Rating: 4+ stars; Lite: free, Pro: $6.99)
Monitoring blood glucose is absolutely essential for people with diabetes.  This app makes it easy to log and track your blood glucose and set reminders. With over 100,000 food items and more than 200 exercise activities (plus the ability to create custom items), this calorie/nutrition/exercise app helps you track calories and graph your food and activities to compare them to your blood glucose values. Glucose Buddy also helps you calculate your A1c levels and create printouts to share with your physician. You can even synchronize the data across several Apple devices, although the app is also available for Android.

OnTrack Diabetes (Android only; Rating: 4+ stars; free)
Similar to Glucose Buddy, this app helps you track and log your blood glucose, A1c, food choices, and weight and can generate detailed graphs for you to share with your physician. It can also prepare daily, weekly, and monthly average glucose levels.

Glooko (Rating: 4+ stars; free)
If you are concerned about data entry errors, Glooko’s unique approach to diabetes management allows you to sync your glucose meter directly to your device (cable purchase required, over 30 meter types supported).  It enables you to integrate your diet, lifestyle, and insulin dose information as well.  To improve the technology, they are currently working on synchronization for insulin pumps and CGM meters, too.

Eating Well

TwoGrand (Rating: 5 stars; free)
The TwoGrand app is designed to help you make healthy food choices without fad dieting. This app helps you log your meals and drinks to visualize your habits and enables you to “follow” people with similar goals. You can compare your habits and routines to others and make changes based on knowledge and awareness.  Although TwoGrand is primarily designed for weight loss, this often goes hand-in-hand with Type I diabetes.    

Fooducate (Rating: 4+stars; free)
Fooducate makes tracking food nutrition facts easy.  This app grades your food on an A-B-C-D scale based on publicly available nutrition labels and ingredient lists. The least processed and most nutritionally dense foods receive the high grades, while the processed foods lacking in nutritional value score the lowest. They also add extra points for foods that are higher in nutrients like fiber, calcium, and iron, while subtracting points for saturated fat, sodium, and sugar.  This will help you avoid foods that have unsuspecting amounts of sugar.

Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite (Android only; Rating: 4+ stars; free)
Part of a healthy eating plan is learning to prepare your own meals that comply with a diabetes diet.  This collection of delicious recipes includes breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes as well as recipes for cakes and cookies. Even better, there is audio instruction to assist you while you read the recipe.  Of course, it is recommended that you consult a physician or registered dietitian for guidance before you get cooking.


Diabetic Connect (Rating: 4+ stars; free)
As you navigate the new challenges and limitations of managing diabetes, it may help you to chat with people who are facing the same concerns. Diabetic Connect allows you to ask questions, start conversations, and learn from others who live with diabetes. It always helps to be a part of a community of people who are ready to listen and help.

Updated December 29, 2017


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