personal story facial that cured cancer

Personal Story: Facial That Cured Cancer

Cyndy Healey may be an operating room nurse, but even she – with her clinical background – did not realize that a small pre-cancerous spot was developing on her face.

The person who discovered it was an aesthetician at vir tú spa in the Virtua Health and Wellness Center – Washington Township.

Cyndy explains: “I love getting facials, so a friend suggested I try one at vir tú. Tara, my aesthetician, carefully examined my face before starting the treatment. She noticed a tiny area on my face that looked a bit unusual and asked about it. I explained that the area often became rough and scaly.

Tara suggested that I have it checked by a dermatologist.”

It was really smart advice. Cyndy’s dermatologist biopsied the area which turned out to be a small pre-cancerous lesion.

It was caught just in time. The treatment was relatively easy. Cyndy used a topical medication for several weeks followed by a steroid cream. The pre-cancerous spot is now gone, and she is back to facials with Tara.

Tara explains: “At vir tú, the emphasis is on both a luxurious facial or spa treatment, as well as protecting our clients, making sure that everything we do is in their best interest.”

Vir tú aestheticians, like Tara, analyze every client before getting started with a facial. They examine the skin, ask about allergies, medical history and at-home skin care – anything that might affect the facial or the skin overall.

Cyndy says: “Vir tú is more than just a beautiful spa experience. It’s a place where the staff educates you about the services they are providing. In my case, it’s education that saved me from a very serious problem.”

Updated December 29, 2017