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5 Books We Simply Cannot Put Down This Summer

As summer quickly approaches, it’s time to relax and bask in the warm sun with a good book. Whether you prefer a rom-com, thriller, or sci-fi vibe, there are plenty of books to go around and enjoy while dipping your toesies in the ocean.

Not only does reading help keep the mind sharp and active, but simply enjoying the pages of an addicting book for a mere six minutes a day can reduce stress levels by upwards of 68%, according to a University of Sussex study. Plus, reading can enhance sleep, slow cognitive decline, and improve your emotional well-being and mental health. There is literally no reason not to relax with an enchanting page-turner!

So what’s everyone reading this summer? We put together a list of the top five summer reads that will have you saying, “I want more.”

  1. The Lifeguards by Amanda Eyre Ward
    If you like suspense, this read is for you. One unforgettable night changes everything for three boys working as lifeguards over the summer. Told through the POVs of each of their moms, parenting is put to the test as secrets and struggles arise. How far would you go for your children?

  2. Book Lovers by Emily Henry
    This beautifully written story takes us on a journey with Nora Stephens and Charlie Lastra, two rivals when it comes to the literary world, whose agitation with each other eventually leads to allurement and fascination. This long-awaited contemporary romance will be a summer staple so addicting, you can’t put it down.

  3. The Deep End by Julie Mulhern
    The Deep End tells the story of Ellison Russell, whose cheating husband’s mistress passed away. In light of the events that happened, Ellison immediately becomes a murder suspect in the case and is determined to find the killer before the killer can find her. This mystery is a must-read!

  4. The Guncle by Steven Rowley
    This feel-good comedy explores the relationship between Patrick O’Hara and his niece and nephew when tragedy strikes and he becomes their new primary guardian. Family receives a whole new meaning in this witty story, and it happens to be just what you need for an entertaining summer read.

  5. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
    Although The Unhoneymooners was published in 2019, it’s making a big comeback this summer! Tortured by bad luck, Olive is jealous of her sister Ami who has the best luck in the world. However, when the tables turn and Ami’s luck runs out, there is a chance for Olive to finally have some luck of her own on a trip to Hawaii with her sworn enemy, or so she thought.

There you go! A carefully crafted list that will keep you going all summer! Indulging in these must-reads will not only have you enjoying what you’re reading but reaping some health benefits as well. Enjoy bookworms!

Updated June 15, 2022

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