5 Ways to Prevent Breakouts

Skin problems affect almost everyone growing up, but some of us never outgrow it. Nearly 30% of women ages 20 to 60 are troubled by breakouts.

So, how to you prevent pimples? Try these 5 breakout-busting tips.

Clean up your act

You may not realize it but you touch your face with your hands 2 to 4 times a minute. “Doing this inflames the skin, increases oil production and spreads bacteria,” explains Vir tú esthetician Magda Paravalos. “Also every day, your cell phone, pillow case and makeup brushes touch your skin, potentially spreading debris into your pores.”

Simple fixes: Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. Clean your cell phone with rubbing alcohol at least twice a week. Wash your pillow case once a week or put a clean towel over your pillow. Wash your makeup brushes with a mild shampoo, rinse and lay flat to dry.

Personalize your products

Just because it’s a “good” brand name doesn’t mean it’s the right product for you. Your skin type – including oily, dry or combination - will determine which skin-care, hair-care and makeup products you use. “You need to use a daily cleanser that coincides with your skin type,” says Paravalos. “And that heavy concealer you use to cover your blemishes could actually be doing more harm than good.”

Simple fixes: See an esthetician who can assess your skin and ensure that you’re using the right products for your skin type. Apply a lighter makeup like a mineral- or powder-based foundation to cover up blemishes. Use the proper cleanser to wash your face daily, once in the morning and once at night and always after exercising. Change hair products or cover your face with a towel/tissue when spraying products on your hair if you breakout often around your hair line.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Many medical issues can be prevented with physical activity, a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Keeping your skin clear is no different. “Dehydration, smoking, sleep deprivation, stress and a poor diet can all lend to breakouts,” says Paravalos. 

Simple fixes: Drink 8 glasses of water a day and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Eat more fruits and vegetables to add antioxidants to your diet. Quit smoking. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Find an activity like yoga or reading that helps you de-stress. Consult an esthetician who can recommend a topical serum that can add vitamins to you skin and combat free radical damage.

Get your hormones in balance

As you age, your androgen levels rise. These hormones can influence excess sebum, or oil gland production, as well as increase the rate at which skin cells shed, which can clog hair follicles.

Simple fixes: Get your hormones back in balance with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy available at Exuberan by Virtua.

Perform regular maintenance

While no woman likes to walk around with a white head on her face, “picking or squeezing blemishes can spread bacteria and actually cause future breakouts,” explains Paravalos.

Simple fixes: Get facials regularly. Your esthetician can take care of your blemishes for you and prescribe an at home skincare regimen. Facials deep clean the pores, remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen, which keeps skin firm and plump.

Updated June 18, 2018

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5 Ways to Prevent Breakouts

About 30 percent of women ages 20 to 60 are troubled by breakouts. So, how do you prevent pimples? Try these 5 breakout-busting tips.

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