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Brown Spots, Brown Spots, Go Away!

As you age, your skin can develop dark brown or black spots (pigmentations) called solar lentigines – more commonly known as age spots. They can be a constant reminder that your skin has seen better days, but they don't have to be. New treatments can renew and improve your skin’s appearance and remove these spots.

The treatments are highly effective at reducing or removing dark spots on the skin. And if you stay out of the sun and use sunblock, they probably won’t come back. 

  • The first step in dealing with any suspicious spots, moles or discolorations, is to make an appointment with a dermatologist for a skin-cancer screening.
  • The second step is to see a plastic surgeon for an evaluation. 

Treating age spots on your face

Virtua plastic surgeon William Franckle, MD, FACS, explains: “Age spots can be treated with a special peel with TCA, or trichloracetic acid. A TCA peel bleaches the spots to fade them; with a few treatments, the spots often disappear. But for faster skin rejuvenation, many people prefer treatment with intense pulsed light (or IPL), which provides the same results in just one treatment.”

Treating age spots on your neck and chest

While most people focus on “anti-aging” their faces, another common area that shows age is the neck and décolletage (upper chest and cleavage). Treating those areas, specifically, requires an experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Franckle warns: “You can’t be as aggressive with treatment of the neck and chest because the skin is more prone to scarring, so you have to be gentle and go a little more slowly.” Treatment costs range from $500-$1500.

While these treatments provide age spot treatment solutions, it's best to prevent them in the first place. Slather on the 30 SPF sunblock and get your "tan" from a bronzer or self-tanner. 

Updated December 29, 2017

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